• Corner fastener options
  • Wood Floor
  • Mesh load racks
  • Underbody toolboxes
  • Aluminium checkerplate inserts
  • Aluminium chekerplate capping
  • Motor Bike/Quad Bike Ramp
  • Customised load racks - 60mm diameter Pipe Load Rack (tapered) or 76mm diameter Pipe Load Rack (tapered)
  • Spare tyre mounted under tray (specific models only)
  • Interzinc Rust Treatment
  • Under body slide out drawers
  • Canvas pipe frame & canvas canopy
  • Water Tanks, 15 litre or 70 litre underbody
  • LED tail lights
  • Lashing rings in floor of tray
  • Cranes & tail gate lifters
  • Light and Aerial Plates
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Rubber Floor Mat


View the embedded image gallery online at:

View the embedded image gallery online at: